About the Owner

Jennifer Constantino

My own journey is a record of the power of EnergyWork. I’ve listened to meditations and included EnergyWork during the most difficult periods of my life and have seen incredible results. It has always been my dream to share my knowledge in meditation and energetic healing sessions and to support anyone that needs it. I have seen amazingly positive changes and so much growth in myself and I know others can experience that, too.
During my 15 years as a Bodyworker and EnergyWork practitioner I’ve come in contact with many clients dealing with chronic pain. Getting to know them on a more personal level gives me an insight into the kind of stressors that are in their lives, as well as getting clues on how they manage them and their level of emotions on a particular person, place, or thing. These clues paint quite a big picture giving me an intuitive visual on what kind of life they are living.
Often I find that clients want to tell me what’s been going on in their lives, especially people living with chronic pain, many using drugs that camouflage the cause or experienced an invasive procedure that hasn’t helped. Most reveal deeper issues that involve feelings, emotions, and energy.
 As a Bodyworker, I may be able to provide some relief, but sometimes the pain comes back because they have a trigger/stressor that’s ever present. When I include EnergyWork during a Bodywork session, even if it’s just a Chakra Balancing, I see visible changes in their overall energy, the color of their skin, the brightness of their eyes, and even their whole body language.
It is my goal to help you live your best life being balanced, happy and loved and to always live your life in gratitude.


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Our Purpose

As human beings, we were brought into existence to live our desires; our desire to love, be loved, manifest, create, be happy and so much more. Often times, our experiences in our past lives, our ancestor's experiences and our present life experiences create opportunities for us to learn and evolve but how we interpret these experiences is where we create shifts in our realities. Because of this, it influences our thoughts, feelings and actions thereby leading to what we create today. As Spiritual Coaches, we help you explore your internal world of limiting beliefs so that we can release that of which no longer serves you and create a reality of your design that will allow you to flourish and vibe the way you were meant to.